Bastian's examination flight

After Basti had passed his theoretical exam together with Matthias in May and done his last training flight in July, the last thing missing was the examination flight... and finally, after the authorities had passed us all the necessary documents, we were good to go!

Full concentration: Basti is operating the burner, his dad and the inspector are watching...

Bastian's Mum Angelika and Matthias were allowed to fly with him, while his dad Wolfgang stayed on the ground and followed the four by car.

Liftoff from the new launch site "Via Claudia" in Gersthofen near Augsburg.

The city of Augsburg seemed still asleep in the morning haze, while we were flying westwards with impressive 25 knots up there.

Only up there, luckily - down at the ground, there was no wind at all, and so the intermediate landing was no problem either.

Basti was obviously feeling well in the basket - which was no wonder, as he knows this basket since his first flight at the tender age of three.

Happy landing! The positive flight left almost no doubt that Basti passed the examination...

... and a little later, inspector Stefan Dolpp congratulated him on his new pilots license.

This of course had to be celebrated - and what else could we have chosen than the recently opened Oktoberfest? ;-)

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